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In this 30 minute trial lesson you can get to be in the room where Spanish learning happens.

I will get to know your needs better and solve all your questions about how online learning can work for you and your kid. Let’s plan together!

What is a trial lesson?



◎ It is a free 30 minute online session

◎ I will get to know a little bit more about your kid and your learning goals

◎ You will experience a little bit of my methodology and I will explain you how my lessons work

◎ I will analyze your kid’s Spanish level and we will plan together  according to his/her needs

◎ I will answer your questions about my lessons and how online learning can work for you

This trial lesson is for you if...


◎ You want your kid to connect not only with Spanish but also with the hispanic cultures

◎ You think online learning might be a great option for your family but still have some questions about how it can work for you 

◎ You are looking for an effective and enjoyable way for your kid to learn Spanish


This trial lesson is not for you if...


◎ You don’t believe online lessons are an effective way to learn

◎ You just want a free class

◎ You are just curious but are not willing to commit to online lessons for now

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Prepare your computer or tablet

Check your webcam, microphone and internet are working correctly.

Make sure to have ZOOM

Zoom is the software we use for our trial lesson. If you don't have it already, make sure to download it and install it before our class (it's free!).

Prepare the room where it happens

Look for a space where your kid feels calm and relaxed, without noise and with good lightning. The learning space is crucial!

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